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A Journey into the Realm of Astronomy

We specialize in Telescope Observatory for Education, Professional, and Amateur astronomers after developing high expertise in customized solutions that integrate telescope equipment configuration and site design. Along with providing a wide range of Observatory domes with the choice of manual, electrically operated systems and GPS auto tracking.
The School can groom their students to pursue a career in Space Sciences and Astrophysics which will contribute to the development of India’s most promising Space Programs. Our association will help your Students to learn Astronomy as a hobby and have a wider opening in life to pursue their future career in Astrophysics and Space Sciences. We will ensure guidance for procurement and import of telescopes. We help you arrange awareness and training programs by Ex ISRO, IUCAA, Experienced Astronomers and NASA Space Educators in your School.

Successfully installed at many International, ICSC, CBSC and Government schools

Telescope Observatory Domes are set up at Schools to create awareness and interest in Astronomy. It encourages the students to participate in programs and competitions organized by NASA and other institutes.

Prominent exporters of Observatory Domes to developed countries

We have an excellent team who will offer personalized on-site training, maintenance of the equipment and dome and will be in constant touch for your assistance.

Drive System for Azimuth Rotation

The Azimuth rotation drive system employs an inverter-controlled gearmotor complete with acceleration and deceleration ramps. The Dome completes a full turn in approx. 100 seconds (standard speed). We can adopt solutions with different speeds to meet your individual requirements.

The Observatory Dome can be built with 0.7mm-thick Stainless Steel cladding, or 1.2mm-thick Prepainted Aluminium cladding. The load-bearing internal structure consists in a 100% Stainless Steel frame. The Dome runs on wheels suitably sized for Azimuth rotation.

Internally, as a safety precaution, casings are applied to cover all moving mechanical parts as required by law to prevent injury in public and private spaces. The Observation Shutter varies based on the Dome diameter and the Telescope used, and this applies to both width and clearance beyond the zenith. We can also custom manufacture this opening to your required size.

Observatory Dome
Observatory Dome
Observatory Dome